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My sample essay to GMF.com “What to think of the Union and Kleberson?”

            After a woeful season that was meant to end with a promising playoff run the Philadelphia Union and its fans are excited for a new season.  We’ll try to forget and brush off all the awful events of last season involving former manager Nowak, a man never welcomed back to Chickie and Pete’s.  The start of the 2013 season has been tremendous if we compare it to last season, and I’m especially fond of the stability within the club.

            Now that the club is halted from its free fall it’s time to improve the club into the type of winning team that Philadelphia expects.  You improve a squad many ways in football and the most obvious manner is by signing talent, and that is what Hackworth and the Keystone Sports group has been doing.  First off all Le Toux was resigned in December, and I believe that is something Phili fans are excited for, since he is the clubs all time leading scorer.  The other signature I’m most interested in is José Kléberson.

            First I was shocked that the Union was even able to land a player of such pedigree and distinction.  Kléberson was in the starting XI when Brazil won their 5th World Cup in 2002, and has a trophy case full of other Cup and League medals from Turkey, Brazil, and England.  Being a long time Red Devil fan I’m very excited to see Kléberson in the gold and blue.  Kléberson’s game is about being a box to box player. He has tremendous awareness in dribbling forward and making runs that challenge CB’s.  Also he is a great provider for goals from the midfield, something Le Toux is going to look forward to.

            Compared to the other midfielders that have started the last games, Kléberson is still ahead of all of them in terms of their technical ability; his first touch is still sublime. If you remember from the 2002 final he is not afraid to take a pop from deep,  a rebound from any of those shots Le Toux will finish them. 

            I can only see this move as being positive for the Union.  I’m afraid a little for his current fitness, but luckily the season is long and it’s only just begun.  After a few weeks of practice and some sub appearances Kleberson will be able to keep pace.  The Philadelphia community has suffered from failed transfers recently, most notably Andrew Bynum, so let’s hope this move allows Kleberson to show his world class.               



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