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Champions 21???

If you are Sir Alex Ferguson, where do you fit all the trophies you have earned.  How also can you keep yourself going and continue to have that passion to win more trophies.  I must tip my cap to the 2013 Red Devil’s it was a long season, as they always are.  The team definitely progressed on several levels as the season dragged on.  I remember in the 1st half of the season we were the comeback kids, then there was a period where is was the RVP show, and then at the end of the season it was about strong defense and clinical finishing. 

With the good comes the bad.  It was mighty disappointing that we did not win any other hardware, I honestly thought we had a chance at the FA Cup.  Knowing what we know about the UCL results, it probably is best MUFC didn’t go any further and didn’t embarrass themselves against any of the Germans. 

I know the current season isn’t over but I’m already calling us favorites to win the league next season. What I’m more interested in, and something Fergie has already stated he wants is more European glory.  It has been a long long time since ’08 when we beat Chelsea in PK.  I want to see that giant trophy in the hands of Vidic once more. 

So what will it take for MUFC to hurdle over domestic pressure and claim continental glory? Perhaps a few signings will get us there, and I’m here to name a few personnel changes that can get us there. 

First we have to consider who is getting the axe during the summer.  I adore all the players we have and I recognize them all as super talented, or else they wouldn’t be on the squad:

  • Anderson- Unfortunately I believe the time at the Theatre of Dreams is over for the Brazilian.  It probably is best for both parties if he played elsewhere.  With the World Cup coming up, Anderson will need/want 1st team minutes to be considered for the Seleção.  I honestly think if he did get the proper playing time he’d make the squad.  He is a tremendous holding midfielder, who isn’t afraid to get physical with a player (although his tackling isn’t the best).  I think he is a great passer, although at times he attempts the much more difficult pass and doesn’t look for the easy one.  Of course also he is Brazilian, so he is super silky.  I don’t think it will be hard to find suitors, and if he does leave I shall miss him deeply. 
  • Frederico Mecheda- I think the Italian has great promise, but being outside of Manchester more than he’s in it, it probably is time he made a personal move elsewhere.  Great kid and he’ll be a great footballer ciao.
  • Luis Nani- Now this has to be one of the most speculated moves around, and even Ferguson has said he isn’t going anywhere.  Yet this season has been a frustrating one for the Portuguese.  He had some moments of brilliance, but most of his season has stunk.  To be fair to him he was knocked up a lot of the season and not truly healthy.  Also in regards to his bad season, he was never given the full time to find his best form.  There was a long stretch where Ferguson decided to use a diamond in midfield and wingers aren’t necessary in that type of formation.  I honestly think Valencia deserves to be out more than Nani, but seeing that in 2012 Valencia won the POY for United, it means he is sticking around.  So at the right price I can see Nani heading outta Manchester.   

At the start of the season I was under the impression that what we needed was an enforcer in the midfield, and perhaps another quality fullback.  Luckily this season all those worries were solved internally.  Patrice Evra showed that he still has plenty left in the tank, and his overlapping runs caused teams terror all season.  Not to mention Evra produced some goals! 4 if I’m not mistaken, and probably a handful of assist.  Rafael has grown lightyears in his game this season, if you watched the Olympics you could even see how he was starting to find his rhythm then.  Rafael is a likely candidate for the MUFC POY award, I mean I voted for him.  

Lastly, Phil Jones. Phil Jones. Phil Jones. Not much can be said about him, Quagmire (teammates call Jones Quagmire, and there sorta is a resemblance there) has grown into that midfield disruptor that has taken Fergie’s teams to glory before.  Perhaps not as ruthless as Roy Keane, but in the modern game players like that will spend more time suspended then playing.  Jones has a motor that could even label him a box to box player.  Against Real Madrid in the 1st leg, he kept Ronaldo on a leash and didn’t allow him to run the show.  Against Chelsea this Sunday, he kept players like Oscar and Mata in check as well. 

So how does this squad improve? Teams can always get better but it seems like MUFC is ready for Europe with the current squad.  I’m truly excited to see how Wilfred Zaha plays in 1st division football, but the lad is quick and great with the ball at his feet so I don’t expect growing pains. 

One area we for sure do not need an more upgrades is to the striker position, and that’s mainly for the selfish reason that I want to see CH14 get more playing time (Viva Mexico).  And with RVP, Rooney, Kagawa, and Welbeck the forwards don’t need any change. 

Carrick will most likely be the MUFC POY this season, and for good reason.  His play has been tremendous, when you can create plays from 30-40 yards away from net, you truly are something great.  I think who plays alongside him in the midfield is where we need a world class companion. 

I do believe Phil Jones filling that spot is not a bad hand.  Except neither really has a driving force frontward offensively. Cleverly is that type of player, but I’m not sure he is quite ready to lead the Red Devils and conquer Europe.  It’s a shame Ferguson doesn’t have a youth potion, Scholes would be a tremendous midfield partner for Carrick.  

There are some rumors out there that perhaps it will be Rooney who moves into the midfield, to allow Kagawa and RVP to do work up top.  I don’t see that as the worst option possible, but moving backwards in positions is tougher than it is to move up to forward.  Rooney I remeber gave away 3 balls cheaply against Chelsea.  In Europe those types of mistakes are punished without remorse. 

It’s clear that midfield spot needs to be filled up, but who can the Glazers lure over? 

  • Marouane Fellaini- The Belgium has been tremendous this season for Everton, and in the season opener he had a brace against Man U.  Fellaini runs on a high motor and is great at pushing ahead and aiding forwards in attacks.  For such a big frame he is tremendously silky and will make defenders look silly.  Not to mention the obvious that he is a tremendous target during set pieces   Even more obvious is that we need that fro at Old Trafford!!!
  • Iago Aspas- from Celta Vigo en La Liga.  He has already 9 goals this season from the midfielder spot, his team is currently facing a relegation battle.  If his team does drop I’d expect many teams to be after him.  Fergie and the scouts better give the guy a good look. 
  • Christian Dannemann Eriksen- The young Dane has been lighting up the Eriedivise, and to say he has been important in Ajaxs 3peat is an understatement.  This kid is for real and still has plenty to grow before we all bow to the potential talent he’ll possess at his peak.  Definitely the type of midfielder who can take the defender one on one.  More impressive is the rave behind his vision and the talent to put the ball where he wishes.  All of Europe wants the Dane so it will be tough to get his john hancock.  Still I’m sure once Ferguson shows him those 13 rings he won’t be looking elsewhere.

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