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Man flying high

After spending a few hours hiking and dodging spiders, my favorite girl and I took a break on a bench. The bench we happened to chose was next to this man flying his kite.
My first instinct was to laugh at the guy flying the kite, because every now and then I’m a huge ass. I thought what is this grown ass man doing flying this kite? What a loser right?
Yet the more I watched the more I began to regret my first initial reaction. This guy was out here making that kite soar and doing a whole bunch of cool agile maneuvers. I actually ended up becoming a bit jealous of the man I wanted to fly that kite like he did. I never flew a kite when I was younger and I think I missed out on something pretty unique.
Regardless of what I or what others around thought of him, he was out there doing something he enjoyed with no shame and astounding everyone with how he has mastered the movement of the kite.
Best of all, he was doing all this without hardly acknowledging that everyone was staring and wishing we were him. So in the end I give this man credit he was out there doing something he loved for his own personal sake. There is something to be learned there, now a days people want to accomplish something just for the sake of being noticed.
The lesson of not judging a book by it’s cover again was reinforced into my persona.


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