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I came across that hashtag during the weekend from the Man U official twitter page. It seemed fitting since everyone who isn’t a Man U supporter has been criticising our summer. They point out that our (arguably) best player is unsettled and wants to leave. They point out that Moyes has not been able to pull the weight associated with the Red Devils during the transfer season.  Pundits say that the other Top 4 teams have signed more quality, there is a whole lotta hoopla from London about a “happy one”, all dooming factors to the current champions according to these pundits.

Indeed at times I felt a bit nervous, although I’ll never admit that publicly (ha), but those worrisome thoughts quickly vanished away.  In fact any idea of being slightly nervous quickly washed away from my mind after our performance in South Wales against Swansea.  I had the grand pleasure of watching the game in Atlantic City while getting free drinks from the bar.  I was also the only one watching the game and the only one who exuberantly yelped  in joy when RVP hit that wonder goal for the game opener, it was pure class from the Dutchmen.

Before that goal though I did note that the team looked a little unsettled, the Man U players were chasing the ball.  Swansea held the ball at 54% to Man U’s 46%.  Their passing and movement forced De Gea to intervene a few times, 5 saves in total.

Still futbol is a results business, and Manchester United got the opening 3 points.  They didn’t have the ball as much but their shot taking was much more productive 14 shots in total with 8 on goal.  It was simply put, the Manchester United way, to fight and find a way to win.  We had plenty of goals to drool over as well.  Welbeck’s chip over Vorm was poetry, along with RVPs spectacular brace.

In addition it is important to note the performance and reception of Wayne Rooney.  Regardless of all the drama behind this Rooney saga, it’s clear that he is still one of the worlds best players.  Rooney loves football and if he is in on the pitch he is working as hard as he can to be effective for his team no matter his state of mind apparently.  He was effective on the pitch by providing two assist, one for RVP’s second goal.  The second assist was served for Welbeck and it was a tremendous pass finished coolly and gracefully.

The traveling Red Devil fans also treated Rooney to a friendly reception upon his introduction.  The diehard Red Devil fans, the ones who travel game to game obviously still support him.  Unfortunately the picture isn’t as simple as that, there was the unfortunate fact that Rooney was nowhere to be seen during the squad celebrations after scoring.  That could be a sign that Rooney feels distant from the rest of the squad.

That uncomfortable scene of Rooney almost half the pitch away from the rest of the mob of United players celebrating might unfortunately be witnessed again this season.  While it certainly will not sit well with most fans, they can only complain so much.  Even if Rooney isn’t happy he still played a great game.  The only certain aspect of this saga is that he will not be sold this summer.  Rooney will come to that realization and then do what he does best.  He will produce fantastic football, as evident by this Swansea game.

David Moyes hosts Jose Mourinho and Chelsea next Monday, then travel to Liverpool on the 1st of September.  A fortnight later is the Manchester Derby.  It’s quite unbelievable the fixtures Man U has to go through in the early part of the season.  Even David Moyes has mentioned in public how ridiculous it is.  The chances of retaining their title has a lot to do with these difficult fixtures.  Yet as I said earlier, #InMoyesWeTrust and there are several reasons to be optimistic.


Manchester United humbled a very good team in Swansea this weekend.  Even our disgruntled players had a wonderful game.  RVP is still in discussion for one of the best strikers in the world.  Players like Valencia and Welbeck have already noticeably improved since last season.  Those are factors with more potential for positive outcomes that will help us retain the title.

Who needs signings?



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