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Function Creep

As I cave in and create a Spotify account I subject myself to the surveillance society. Spotify by no means is a terrifying Big Brother front.  Surveillance is a wider and much more complicated theme then the media portrayed comparisons to Orwell tale.  Acceptance of that weak watered down cheap analysis of the surveillance society inhibits us to realize the full picture of being observed.  

Function creep, an extension of the usage a tool is created in a manner that it was not originally meant for.  Function creep can be Spotify creating a sophisticated list of my preference, interest, frequent contacts, conversations all because I speed through reading the privacy agreement and listen to Yeezus.  My first observation was that, somehow Spotify was able to go into my computer files without my permission and retrieved audio files.  I’m not sure if those audio files are meant exclusively for me to see or if others can see them? Who can access them? Who can see discover the origins of those files? Could Spotify and others know if I bought them at Best Buy? Or if I purchased them off iTunes? Or if from a friends flash drive?


Those types of questions are not raised by the media or by ourselves.  Realize that all those answers can start creating an outline of your personality, accomplices, and location.  iPhone5s or whatever fucking overpriced crap Apple is selling digitally stores your fingerprints.  A loss of cellphone with that type of data should raise immediate red flags for identity theft threats.  Plus who is Apple going to sell or share that bio-metric too?  Bio-metrics algorithms are on course to have a failure rate of 1/100,000.  Those are some great odds to identify whom those prints belong too.   

We are failing to notice that the promises and expected goals of surveillance technology are taking away our privacy and not producing results.  The pitch is buy these cameras, full body scanners, undetectable drones, and nothing bad will happen.  Deterrence of  terror via surveillance technology in Boston, Sandy Hook, Columbine did not occur.  At the same time we are grateful for the ability to catch suspects so quickly made possible by it.  With such heartbreaking failures to deter by surveillance technology, it is time to think of other methods to stop terror. 


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