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Gambling On Politics

The GOP’s push for more blood and more guns has formed a message of “patriotism”, it’s their blood or ours.  It isn’t a shock to anyone that the GOP promotes war.  If memory serves me correctly they were the one calling Obama spineless and weak for not intervening in the wake of Putin’s attempt to stretch his influence in the Crimean.  As well they are constantly in favor of spending more money towards warfare technology.  It would be wrong to say it was in their agenda to start war’s in the middle east, because in fact everyone quickly jumped behind President Bush and his wars of revenge against the Taliban.  Nonetheless thousands of American’s were sent into danger and the GOP still considers Bush as the apple of their eyes.

Certainly one can be a patriotic and support the greatest nation on earth, without advocating violence?  As well isn’t it Christian of us to feel sympathetic for the innocent families in the Middle East who are caught in between oppression and Patriot missiles?  My point is that Bob Bergdahl’s father immersed himself in the culture of where his son was being held captive and is being called unpatriotic for it.  I’m no father but I’m certain I would have taken similar steps to the elder Bergdahl.  Any miniscule hint or edge you could dig up to gain the sympathy and release of your son is worth taking for any father in a similar situation.  The most disgusting part of it all, was the backlash at Mr Bergdahl for speaking Arabic and expressing his faith in front of the White House.  There is nothing evil about Islam and all faiths are protected by the constitution. Still the way we scoff at and demonize the Islamic faith would lead outsiders to think we’re the oppressive nation.  

I couldn’t move forward without addressing the controversy of Bob Bergdahl possibly being a traitor. I don’t like to draw conclusions from speculations and rumors.  Nonetheless it seems like some explaining is necessary on that end of this story.  Was five Senior Taliban members worth his release?  I’d like to think there is no price high enough for returning American’s home.  If he is a traitor then it’s even better that he is brought home and trialed in American courts. 

At the very least dialogue and a middle ground was reached.  Dialogue is premium to solving any conflict.  The GOP would like to shoot every last person in Afghanistan in order to resolve this conflict, and would like to call you unpatriotic for thinking otherwise. 


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