Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes. Read more learn more, change the globe. Ghetto children, do your thang.

Giving you a reason to stay…

There are a select amount of things I am good at.  Scribing is one of them.  Also, I excel in being childish and immature.  While at times those traits are adorable and charming, they also lost me something amazing.  I was stuck somewhere, faded.  To dumb to realize what is most important.  To daft to recognize what I was losing.

You were and still might be my everything.  I would rather lose limbs than lose you for good.  I tried kicking the itch cold turkey.  My subconscious suffered the most.  Fears and shivers disturb me, knowing that you’re gone.

In this city we were going to take our love to another level.  Now its just the city of lost love.  The streets and cold nights are harder without your glow.  That unbelievable, euphoric, enthralling aura.  Nothing was wrong when I had you.  Everything/one was insignificant compared to you.

I lost my soul in your curves, which I think makes this the hardest.  Hollow self, empty smiles, barren mind.  I can’t foresee finding someone who’s company I enjoy as much as yours.

I go mad thinking how I’ll be remembered as “my fun boyfriend from college”.  I choke on blood and tears thinking you’ll be moving on to another love.  Thinking about you with another, and I would rather see the bottom of a river.  Yeah I’m being overdramatic, but you’re actually that powerful.

Unfortunately I’m not that guy that can fuck the pain away.  Sure a beautiful blonde/brunette would be the perfect distraction, no doubt.  Still all I want is my Red.

As Ritchie Valens said, “We belong together”.  Yet, look at how that ended for him.


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