Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes. Read more learn more, change the globe. Ghetto children, do your thang.

“Most of all we are at wars with ourselves”

I know I’ve been making ya’ll wait and sweat on my Income Inequality in Philadelphia post.. However that isn’t what this piece will be on.

One of the perks of my job is the quality amount of time spent preparing for my future career plans.  Such as today when several of my co workers and I went to the Comcast center and received tons of great advice.  It covered everything from resume editing, to business setting communication and behavior expectations.  It was all very useful and am grateful for the exclusive opportunity.

Yet one of the largest talking points of the day was, selling your personal/professional brand.  Consciously or not, we all want to be known for a particular personality, skill, or knowledge.  Those traits which you want to be known for is your brand.  Now that itself can be viewed though several lenses.

Assuming responsibility for a brand, could be construed as capitalist or materialistic.  Don’t deny it, Americans buy unnecessary products because we are suckers to great marketing selling brand products.  It’s valid to consider the term “personal brand” under that pretense. However at the end of the day your clothing or possessions shouldn’t determine your self worth or brand.

You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis.

Another way of conceptualizing the term “personal brand” is the lasting impression of a historical figure’s ideology and its symbolism.  Who was the champion of civil rights for minorities in America during the 20th century?  Dr. King, 50 years after the voting rights act has passed, still remains a famous figure fighting for civil rights.  He sold his vision & idea of racial equality, millions became followers and shared his views, i.e. selling your personal brand.  In MLB who is the iconic symbol of a humble professional superstar athlete?  He personified what made America’s greatest past time magical.  These two examples show the positive results of a personal brand.  Still it most not be forgotten that propaganda for racist, homophobic, and misogynist is a ideological brand too.  Once more this personal branding business is a double edged sword.

Patria o Muerte

Nevertheless at work today we were learning almost a hybrid of the two models.  As our world globalizes and the boundaries between reality and the digital blur; tools like twitter and social media are becoming more important for your career.  Unfortunately like many of my peers, we did not expect for social media to explode like it has.  Confidently I can say that everyone has at least one mistake shared online.  I myself am guilty of hundreds.

Did twitter and blogs also expand my knowledge and positively contribute to my career/studies? Hell yeah.

So what I’m left with is, a terribly confusing compromise on how to build my personal brand.  Naturally I understand the need for conscious self restraint/editing on the interwebz.  Still, my stomach churns as I relinquish a large chunk of freedom to speech to cater to employers.  Worst yet, for a decent salary I would put it down with a smile.

Furthermore how does this impact me AyeVarViVa? There is no separating the two at this point.

Whatever, these first world luxuries and troubles are ludicrous.

Enjoy your weekend

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