Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes. Read more learn more, change the globe. Ghetto children, do your thang.

If only I’d thought of something charming to say….

I know I act a fool, but I refuse to know better
I come off as a tool but I’m trying to do better
So here I am trying to remove the wool

Frustrations are ever seeping,
cuz this mouth runs like Usaine
As a result I’m hardly sleeping
Efforts to not fuck are up insane

These dreams are sweet but reality stinks
Swept off my feet as my boat sinks
Is it the season or do you give me chills?
Is there a reason your smile kills?

At times I’m a dog but I’m no hound
I’m confusing, sometimes profound,
but these words help keep the mind sound
And this would’ve sounded better if I spitted it in surround sound


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