Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes. Read more learn more, change the globe. Ghetto children, do your thang.

Self Advocacy

Dungbee is my immediate supervisor but also one of my best friends & I’ve only known her 4 months. She is great & she is always inspiring and SUPER CUTE.

Ovarian Cancer Journey

If you know me well, or ask any girl I’ve ever dated, you’ll know that I am the world’s biggest hypochondriac. Months ago, I watched a movie with Hilary Swank, who played a character that has ALS. A few days after watching it, I had a twitch in my hand and was convinced that I too, had the disease. There couldn’t possibly be ANY other explanation for my twitch……

Despite my 100% self-awareness of my absurd hypochondria, in recent months too many things just weren’t making sense with my body for me to not question them. Last winter, while spending some time in Washington, D.C., I fainted on ice and took quite a nasty spill. After spending what felt like three hundred hours in the emergency room, and being asked one million questions, the doctor told me that it was caused by blood loss, due to a month-long menstrual period…

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