Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes. Read more learn more, change the globe. Ghetto children, do your thang.

Written after a sunny & bright day.


I have not touched writing on this website or any other forum in the last three months. I was completely enthralled in my work, beautifying schools. I could easily write until my fingers cramp up of how amazing and strenuous planning that event was. Except, I have other things to touch on…

I don’t want to be existential in my writing, nor do I don’t want to appear grand or larger than life. I’m mainly dull & occasionally exciting and am comfortable with it. I have a heart larger than a full moon but the tendencies of a boy lost in imagination of the heavens.

Currently I’m on a trip that’s covering all sides of my spectrum. I’ve always been one for solo explorations but always locally and somewhere I was comfortable doing so. I like staying within the realm of familiarity so it’s bananas that I went down here to Miami on my own.

I knew very little of this town before traveling and made the decision to go on a whim. My previous birthday I just knew I had to go somewhere and explore something different before my upcoming birthday. I cut back here & there and saved up enough for this eye opening experience.

Philadelphia is my home and has given me nothing but joy. However, this trip coincides perfectly with my imaginative mind, I can’t quit daydreaming of how great it would be to live down here. The lights, the weather, the ocean breeze; perfect ingredients for this romantic.

…the traffic down here is a bitch & public transportation isn’t as good as SEPTA… but few negatives other then that…..

Ademas, fácilmente he conecto con cada extranjero con cual he conocido. Que genial estará en un lugar adonde la cultura hispana es la mas mayoría.

This was definitely a worthwhile experience. Yet, there are more places to explore, understand, and get a feel for. After this second year with AmeriCorps my options in career have widened exponentially & so has the possibilities of relocating.

Philadelphia has cultivated my mind, entertained, and matured me but Miami has proven it could do the same, other cities can also do likewise.

For the last two years I’ve planned on growing and flourishing in the City of Brotherly Love, it could still be such, however now I know its not that scary to go to a new space.



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