Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes. Read more learn more, change the globe. Ghetto children, do your thang.


A few months prior to this event I never expected a Senator from Vermont to be the kind of candidate to give such grand hope to Philadelphia and several young idealist across the nation. Tonight he returned to our great city and unfortunately was not the nominee for the Democrat Party.

Now, I’m no “Bernie bro/bot”, likewise I have few complaints about Clinton. However, she is not the champion of progressive policies like Bernie is. Nevertheless, it has now been proven that asses at the top of the Democratic Party undermined and were bias to Clinton.  Some people like to lambaste Bernie as “unrealistic” and a big spender. Some people like to paint “idealism” as “naiveté “. However, meek men and women hardly make history or create the progress we need.

Screenshot (74)

Shout out to the University of Delaware

Furthermore, there is a “huuuge” problem with the politics in this country. A two party system is silencing a large block of voters this campaign. As a result, two out of three of the latest national polls by Politico show Trump ahead of Clinton (albeit within the margin of error).


On the other hand, my man Sanders, made the largest block of voters vehemently “Feel the Bern” (like after a bad night in Tijuana). I have little doubt that if you replace Clinton with Sanders in these polls and the Senator would be killing it in these polls.

Nevertheless, I’m going to swallow my political instincts and vote for Hillary, because there is no way #Drumpf can win this election. His racist ideology literally makes me fear for the life of my family and other minority groups.

Still, as a citizen in the “beacon of democracy in the free world,”  I should not have to feel as though I’m swallowing a knife as I vote for my Presidential candidate.

Sure Sanders (or any other candidate) could run as a third party candidate. Yet lets be real: when you consider the bias media air time third party candidates receive, the significantly less donations and campaign infrastructure, and the frequent legal hurdles to even get on a ballot in this fucked up election system; the equality in the electoral college for a third party candidate is similar to a 3 year old racing a 16 year in a 100 meter dash.

I want to stay positive because in all honesty our nation isn’t going down the shitter like #Drumpf would like you to fear. It just is crappy knowing that one of the most beloved and popular candidates in our history won’t feature in the general election because a myriad of circumstances that make you question the integrity of our nations politics.


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