Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes. Read more learn more, change the globe. Ghetto children, do your thang.

Self Advocacy

Originally posted on Ovarian Cancer Journey:
If you know me well, or ask any girl I’ve ever dated, you’ll know that I am the world’s biggest hypochondriac. Months ago, I…

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I toss and turn all night…

Another quick rhyme/poetry session: I don’t have much but I’m still blessed But how about that single mother overstressed? As a nation we aren’t doing enough, that we have to … Continue reading

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If only I’d thought of something charming to say….

I know I act a fool, but I refuse to know better I come off as a tool but I’m trying to do better So here I am trying to remove the … Continue reading

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“This right here, this is history in the making man”

Tonight my mom asked me to call her, and like every other ungrateful millennial I begrudgingly did so. It turns out my call was worthwhile, not only did we have a … Continue reading

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Waiting & Fading

No rest this weekend, b'day week no shame. I also got paid nicely this weekend. Lets keep going. #KidPresident pic.twitter.com/6e9MOWEYDW — Ivan Vivar (@ayevarviva) August 17, 2015 For better or for … Continue reading

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My Year of Service

I haven’t had the balls to write lately, I’ve been killing the sports journalism work like always, but the real raw personal stuff is what I have been trying to avoid.  … Continue reading

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Pardon the way that I stare…

Originally posted on AyeVarViVa:
Not to long ago I was feeling a lot like this, suave, killing it (literally).  However my gamesmanship got the best of me: Anyhow, I now…

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